Steel Aluminium 6061 Material CNC Machining Car Auto Motor Spare Parts

Steel Aluminium 6061 Material CNC Machining Car Auto Motor Spare Parts

1. Parts description:Steel casting link for excavator 2. Casting material: Cast Steel S45C 3. Parts weight: 6.5KG 4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks 5. Casting process: Investment Casting 6. Heat treatment:Normalizing 7. Machining: CNC Lathe Machining 8. Surface finishing: As cast,and Zinc...


Our company constantly improves cnc machine parts, Steel Pipe Machining Part, Carbon Steel Cross Coupling Cable Protector quality, maintains brand reputation, effectively conveys reliable and trustworthy brand information to consumers, and maintains and enhances our brand reputation. Since our inception, we have been committed to the long-term profitability and sustainability of our business. Our products have been put into the domestic and foreign markets and are recognized by the majority of businesses and consumers. Based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology and processing equipment, we continue to innovate and optimize the production process to provide customers with quality products. Our company's production and operation is always in the planning, organization, control, command, decision-making and other management functions of driving, can be orderly carried out, so as to create good benefits.

1. Parts description:Steel casting link for excavator

2. Casting material: Cast Steel S45C

3. Parts weight: 6.5KG

4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks

5. Casting process: Investment Casting

6. Heat treatment:Normalizing

7. Machining: CNC Lathe Machining

8. Surface finishing: As cast,and Zinc Plating, and powder coating/Hot dip Galvanizing is available

9. Package: Fumigation-free pallet

We adhere to the business philosophy of prudence, prudence, and responsibility, and manufacture each Steel Aluminium 6061 Material CNC Machining Car Auto Motor Spare Parts with a rigorous attitude. All along, we have been adhering to the business tenet of reputation and quality first, pursuit of perfection, and sustainable operation. Our company has a long history of close cooperation with overseas countries, we implement local control management and share resources to ensure that the company has sufficient supply of goods to meet market demand.
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