Precision Investment Lost Wax Casting Auto Parts Stainless Steel

Precision Investment Lost Wax Casting Auto Parts Stainless Steel

1. Parts description:lost wax casting steel 2. Casting material: Cast Steel 16Mn 3. Parts weight: 28.5KG 4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks 5. Casting process: Precision Casting 6. Heat treatment:Normalizing 7. Machining: CNC Machining Center Machining 8. Surface finishing: As cast,and...


We are in the spirit of excellence, committed to the strict requirements of Lost Wax Casting Service, Steel Casting Link For Forklift Attachment, Steel Investment Casting Part For Lock quality and product sales of low-cost and high-quality. Our company is willing to provide you with high quality service with reliable quality assurance and sincere cooperation attitude. Over the years, professional companies from all over the world take us as their long-term and stable partners. Our company has formed a complete quality supervision system, fully achieving the quality management commitment of 'zero defect of products'.

1. Parts description:lost wax casting steel

2. Casting material: Cast Steel 16Mn

3. Parts weight: 28.5KG

4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks

5. Casting process: Precision Casting

6. Heat treatment:Normalizing

7. Machining: CNC Machining Center Machining

8. Surface finishing: As cast,and Zinc Plating, and powder coating/Hot dip Galvanizing is available

9. Package: Fumigation-free pallet

Our company integrates product design, manufacturing, marketing and technical support, professionally providing Precision Investment Lost Wax Casting Auto Parts Stainless Steel and related integrated supporting services. We optimize the design, improve the scientific and economic efficiency. We try our best to provide our customers with better products and the most complete services based on the forefront of modern development, relying on science and technology and courage to explore, and has become one of the most competitive enterprises in the same industry in China.

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