CNC Machining Auto Parts Store CNC Router

CNC Machining Auto Parts Store CNC Router

1. Parts description:Steel casting link for excavator 2. Casting material: Cast Steel S45C 3. Parts weight: 6.5KG 4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks 5. Casting process: Investment Casting 6. Heat treatment:Normalizing 7. Machining: CNC Lathe Machining 8. Surface finishing: As cast,and Zinc...


Our mill turn machine, cnc turning parts, lost wax glass casting has the advantages of competitive price, stable and reliable quality, perfect supporting after-sales service. We have formulated and improved a series of management norms and management systems to make the processes of each business department of the group clear and well coordinated, thus providing a strong guarantee for the achievement of various business goals. At the same time, the growth of our employees drives and supports the quality and sustainable development of our company. We popularize quality management knowledge among employees, so that every employee can participate in quality management. Our company focuses on institutionalization and formalization of construction.

1. Parts description:Steel casting link for excavator

2. Casting material: Cast Steel S45C

3. Parts weight: 6.5KG

4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks

5. Casting process: Investment Casting

6. Heat treatment:Normalizing

7. Machining: CNC Lathe Machining

8. Surface finishing: As cast,and Zinc Plating, and powder coating/Hot dip Galvanizing is available

9. Package: Fumigation-free pallet

Our advanced production equipment and strict quality assurance system provide a solid guarantee for the stable performance of our CNC Machining Auto Parts Store CNC Router. Our company takes energy conservation and environmental protection as our own responsibility, taking enterprise innovation management and promoting the development of national environmental protection and energy conservation as our managment purpose. We will keep promises, pursue excellence, and we look forward to sincere cooperation with you.
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