Bell Shaped Cover Lost Wax Casting Mold Castings

Bell Shaped Cover Lost Wax Casting Mold Castings

1. Parts description:lost wax investment casting 2. Casting material: Cast Alloy Steel Q235 3. Parts weight: 5.8KG 4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks 5. Casting process: Lost Wax Casting 6. Heat treatment:Normalizing 7. Machining: Cold correction and drilling 8. Surface finishing: As...


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1. Parts description:lost wax investment casting

2. Casting material: Cast Alloy Steel Q235

3. Parts weight: 5.8KG

4. Design software: CAD,PRO/E,SolidWorks

5. Casting process: Lost Wax Casting

6. Heat treatment:Normalizing

7. Machining: Cold correction and drilling

8. Surface finishing: As cast,and Zinc Plating, and powder coating/Hot dip Galvanizing is available

9. Package: Fumigation-free pallet

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