1.Steel Casting Foundry

(1)´╝ÄPattern shop

Produce new production patterns,as well as maintain and repair existing patterns.

All the patterns are made of Alloy aluminium,and have a long working lift,up to 100000 moulds.

Special storeroom was built to keep the patterns in good condition with rated temperature and humidity.We always take care of patterns to insure right moulds. Engineering changes and repairs are also reacted rapidly.

(2)Wax Mould Injection Room

Wax moulds are injected out off the tooling,and to be finished under a certain and controlled temperature consistently.

(3)Ceramic Shell Workshop

Both Automatic shell making line and manual production lines are equipped, and can process the high volume order and low volume order of steel casting parts in the same time to insure fast delivery.

(4)Baking Furnace

Furnaces by gas are used to prepare the shells for pouring and heat treatment.

The furnaces by gas have reduced the dusty and that is more friendly to the environment.

(5)Melting & Pouring

The steel will be melted by Electric induction furnace and tested by spectrometer, and then poured into the baked shells. 


The pouring gate will be cut down, and the risers to be removed, and the steel casting parts will get a uniformed beautiful surface after grinding and shot blasting.

(7)Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment such as Anneal, Tempering, Quenching and Tempering will be processed to the steel casting parts to get the proper mechanical property. 

2.Machining Shop

1)Equipment List

2)Our Advantages

1.Rich Experience

Over 12 years experience in machining of steel casting parts, we set up a series of unique and innovative of toolings and fixtures for the structured casting parts fitting to the machining equipment, and trained our workers well to use them.

2.Fast response

Owning two steel casting foundry,we response rapidly from a drawing to prototype,and then move into mass production.

3.High Precision

Using the latest in modern equipment and techniques to ensure fast and precise part production.

4.Stable Quality control

Full process audit according to the drawings and process cards are strictly carried out, and results are recorded for traceability.

Full dimensional inspection and non destructive testing are performed to assure the quality steel casting parts coming out.