Ningbo QS Machinery provide “ONE- STOP” convenience.We offer a number of optional finishing services added to the steel casting parts that provide more value and get time saved.


(1) Design Engineering Capability


At QS Machinery,our engineers team always work closely with you,from a idea to finished products.


Our engineering department assist customers in the conversion of  welding parts,parts assemblies or other expensive fabrications to casting parts.Our engineering service provide weight reduction,manufacturing simplification,working efficiency and reliability improving.


Our engineering department is well equipped with tools to handle 3-D solid modeling of products and related solidification modeling of the parts,which is vital to the efficient  production of quality castings.


We can handle PDF,GIF,TIFF,JPEG,DWG,DXF,IGS and SLID file formats



(2) Prompt Prototype


Our professional pattern maker equipped with CNC machining centers and engraving machines,which work out all the patterns in high precision.


Our prototype castings offer you an economical way to prove your designs before you invest in more expensive,permanent tooling.We like to think of it as design insurance – our prototypes help ensure your design is optimized to avoid costly complications.


Generally first samples can be provided in 15 - 25 days including creating the toolings.


(3) Thin walled casting making


We have rich experience in the manufacturing of thin-walled casting parts and complex structured casting ,especially originally made by welding.


This kind of thin walled casting and complex structured casting offer the most easy assembly option and streamlined body to the equipment, and increase the value to the equipment.



(4)  Low – volume production 


Low-volume production also can be launched.


Both of automatic shell making lines and manual production lines are working in the same facility, and our automatic line can be used for the high volume order, and manual production lines for low volume orders, and delivery date can be in control. 



(5)  Surface Finish


Ningbo QS Machinery Inc. also provide surface finish service to the steel casting parts.We established long term relationship with Zinc plating factory and Painting factory,and can process Zinc plating, black oxide coating, phosphorization, electrophoretic paint, painting and powder coating.



 (6)  Assembly

Ningbo QS Machinery also can assemble the steel casting parts for customers and ship all over the world as requested.  Other components to be assembled into the steel castings, if needed, may be sourced and QC inspected by Ningbo QS Machinery Inc..