What Is The Temperature Control Of Stainless Steel Precision Casting?

- Feb 18, 2018-

Stainless steel precision casting, to some extent can effectively ensure the melt in focus has good liquidity, the temperature of the stainless steel precision casting choice to effective according to transfer distance and transfer process is determined by the factors such as temperature and flow rate.

Stainless steel precision casting because of its transitional zone size is small, its mechanical performance is good, when using can to a certain extent, to satisfy their liquidity and no shining crystal forms shall prevail, average temperature is 715 ~ 740 ℃. Stainless steel precision casting flat ingot casting high cracking tendency, stainless steel precision casting temperature is lower, is in commonly 680 ~ 735 ℃.

Stainless steel precision casting round ingot crack tendency is low, can effectively guarantee the alloy to a certain extent has its good exhaust feeding ability, effectively creating it order close condition, improve the density, the temperature of the casting is generally on the high side, more than 350 mm in diameter ingot casting temperature is 730 ~ 750 ℃ in general.