What Is The Casting System And The Composition And Function Of The Typical Casting System?

- Mar 24, 2018-

The casting system is a channel in the mold for introducing liquid metal into a mold cavity. The gating system includes:

(1) the gate cup. An poured metal liquid, also known as an outer gate.

(2) straight gate. Connecting the outer gate and the gate, and introducing the metal liquid from the mold to the inside of the mold.

(3) the transverse gate. Connect the straight gate and distribute the metal flow from the straight gate.

(4) the inner gate. Connect the transverse gate and instil the metal liquid into the mold cavity.

The gating system is to control the liquid metal mold filling speed and the time required for full mold; the molten metal into the mold smoothly, avoid turbulence and to mold washing; prevent slag and other impurities into the cavity; when casting is not involved in gas, and as far as possible to make the casting cooling with sequential solidification the principle of. The total section area of the inner gate, the total cross section area of the transverse gate and the total section area of the straight gate are the important parameters of the gating system. According to the different proportion of the total area of the inner gate, the transverse gate and the straight gate, the gating system is divided into two types: open type and closed type. The sectional area described here refers to the minimum cross section area perpendicular to the direction of the liquid flow.  When the total section area of the internal gate is the shortest, after pouring, the whole gating system will soon be filled with molten metal, which is beneficial to prevent slag and inclusions from entering the cavity. The gating system is usually called closed gating system, which is generally preferred. When the total sectional area of transverse gate or straight gate is smaller than the total sectional area of the internal gate, liquid metal will not be completely filled with gating system during pouring. This gating system is usually called the open gating system, which is only applied in special technology.

The function of the gate cup is to import the pouring liquid metal into the straight gate. The gate cups of small castings are mostly funnel-shaped, and the diameter of the upper mouth should be more than 2 times that of the straight gate, and it is generally made directly on the mold when the molding is made. In medium and above castings, the gate cup is often basin shaped and is generally placed on a mold. The high quality castings should also set special slag collecting devices in the gate cup.

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