Treatment Of Operation Steps In Precision Casting

- Sep 13, 2018-

Generally speaking, investment casting has the technical integration of some special corresponding process and complicated process in a certain processing aspect, as well as the high technical requirements and characteristics and the coordinated understanding of the process in the text. In this case, the production of some specific process corresponding to the formulation of investment casting will form a detailed understanding of the specified industry and the corresponding process of investment casting wax pressing operation, production of this type of method is to use some of the wax injection and then the corresponding coordinated steps of wax injection melting. Let's talk about the specific process in detail.

The shell making process of investment casting is also regulated to a certain extent. The most important role and application steps of shell making engineering can be coordinated with specific corresponding methods, and then some slurry can be fused and treated on the wax mold. We also need to strengthen a sand co-ordination on filling. The next step in the corresponding operation is to coordinate the operation of the corresponding shell and drink some shade for storage and can be stored continuously over a period of time. The next step, after these membranes are convinced of the integrity of the air-drying process, is the removal of wax from the corresponding surface of the membrane shell by steam, and the adjustment and rationalization of the ink. This completes the corresponding casting process.

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