The Role Of Precision Casting In The Processing Of Cold Iron Materials

- Feb 13, 2020-

In order to improve the water cooling rate of the casting part, the chill placed inside the mold cavity and on the working surface is called chill. In the production and manufacturing of precision casting, the cold iron, pouring system software and riser are often used together to control the whole process of casting solidification and get qualified castings.

There are many raw materials that can be used to make cold iron, so metal materials and metal materials with higher thermal conductivity and heat storage index than sand mold raw materials can be used. The common raw materials of cold iron in production and manufacturing include pig iron, aluminum alloy profile, high-purity graphite, alloy copper, etc. Pig iron cold iron has large heat storage index, can digest and absorb more heat, and has strong chilling ability. Moreover, pig iron chill is easy to make and cheap in cost. It is used in the production and manufacturing of aluminum alloy profile and magnesium alloy precision casting, especially when it is placed at the bottom or end of the casting to improve the setting sequence of the casting, pig iron chill is usually used. In addition, aluminum chill is also widely used.