Some Technical Requirements For Precision Casting

- Sep 13, 2018-

Precision casting, it also has some technical requirements, which specific, will be detailed below. If it is a small castings, then we can use the box-less high-pressure molding machine production line or solid mold; if it is a medium-sized castings, it can be used air-impact molding line, which can achieve rapid and high-precision molding, and the core-making method, can use some efficient core-making methods.

For large castings, and to carry out medium batch production, resin self-hardening sand molding and coring can be used, which is better. For heavy castings, if it is a single piece of small batch production, manual modeling is still very important, because it is more flexible, and can adapt to a variety of complex requirements. On the other hand, for low-pressure casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods, generally can only be used in mass production, because the equipment used and the mold price is relatively expensive. There are many methods of precision casting. The casting precision obtained by each method is different, and there are other aspects are also different. Therefore, the cost should be estimated preliminarily, taking into account all aspects, in order to ensure that both high economic benefits and specific requirements of the castings can be guaranteed.

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