Some Brief Explanations On Casting Knowledge

Some Brief Explanations On Casting Knowledge

Dec 11, 2019

 "Casting" mostly refers to the production process. PVC and other basic ingredients are mixed in a predetermined sequence, at a specific speed and for a certain period of time to ensure sufficient mixing. This mixed liquid, called an organosol, is then poured onto a moving net, called a cast sheet, and the solvent is evaporated in an oven. When the solvent evaporates, a solid ethylene film is preliminarily formed on the aluminum casting sheet and covered with a protective mold.

This process allows the film to be thin (most cast films are 2 mil thick) and fixed to make the product more consistent. The material manufacturer recommends that the aluminum casting film is suitable for those floats or boats, and customers want paint effects, and the general weather resistance is 5 to 8 years depending on the processing method.

Like aluminum casting, calendered films are named after their manufacturing process. It is similar to aluminum casting, but it is not mixed with the solvent. Create a dough that mixes and heats a batch into a semi-melted state, a bit like pizza. These semi-fluids are then pressed out and led out through a series of calender rolls. These polished steel rolls are gradually rolled and the vinyl is squeezed into a flat plate (similar to rolling out dough with a noodle stick) to cast a film.

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