Smelting Of Cast Steel

- Jan 15, 2018-

The smelting of cast steel generally uses open hearth, electric arc furnace and induction furnace. Open Hearth is characterized by large capacity, the use of scrap steel as raw materials, can accurately control the composition of steel and can be smelting of high quality and low alloy steels, many of the melting of high-quality steel castings used in the liquid.

Three-phase arc furnace opening and shutdown operation is convenient, to ensure that the composition and quality of molten steel, the burden of the requirements are not very strict, easy to heat up, so the quality of high-quality steel, high-grade alloy steel and special steels, is the production of steel castings commonly used equipment.

In addition, the use of power frequency or intermediate frequency induction furnace, can be smelting a variety of high-grade alloy steel and carbon content of very low iron. The smelting speed of induction furnace, small burning loss of alloy element, low energy consumption and high quality of molten steel, that is, less impurity content and less inclusions, is suitable for small cast steel workshop.