Precision Casting Surface Quality

Precision Casting Surface Quality

Oct 26, 2019

The surface quality of precision castings is analyzed as follows:

1. The surface roughness of the casting should meet the requirements of GB6060.1 casting surface roughness comparison sample.

2. The surface to be polished of the casting shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB6060.4.

3. Castings need to be shot peened, and the surface of sandblasting is carried out according to the provisions of GB6060.5.

4. Castings are not allowed to have cracks, under-casting, loose, air bubbles and any penetrating defects.

5. Castings are not allowed to have scratches, depressions, lack of meat and spurs and other waist triangle defects.

6. Casting gates, flashing edges, overflows, partitions, etc. should be cleaned, but traces are allowed.

7. No defects are allowed within the threaded hole starting from four teeth.

8. Under the conditions that do not affect the use of castings, the supplier may infiltrate and repair the castings (such as welding repair, deformation correction, etc.) with the consent of the purchaser. The repaired parts shall be correspondingly repaired. Quality inspection.

9. The surface roughness of the inner surface of the casting is: 25um


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