Precision Casting

- Feb 25, 2020-

At present, the investment casting industry in China is developing rapidly and widely used. From the current trend, the precision casting of parts and components will be more and more enriched in the future. The traditional blank technology will be eliminated under the drive of market development. The higher the quality and process requirements of parts and components products, the higher the technical force required and the higher the demand for specialized cooperation. Generally speaking, the investment casting process needs to go through the following steps: 1. It is difficult to start with mold. First, draw accurate drawings or make samples before implementing the process, and then make mold according to the drawings and samples. 2. Wax mold wax configuration heats the forming wax to the required problem, and then the heat preservation device is injected, standing to remove the water and impurities in it, and then new wax is added until the volume meets the requirements of our mold. Next, the wax is injected into the previous mold, condensed and taken out, and repaired to see if it meets the standards. If it does not meet the standards, the wax mold steps will be carried out again when the waste products are disposed. 3. The qualified wax pattern is made by the steps of drying, sealing, drying and dewaxing. 4. Casting the front shell is roasted, solid solution and cover are casted, then the shell is cooled and peeled, then the shell is hoisted and cut back to the furnace, and finally the spectral analysis is carried out. 5. After cleaning and repairing, the steel material is subject to secondary inspection after the steps of hydrofluoric acid foaming, sand blasting and core removal, shot blasting, etc., and it is found that the scrap is re cast.