Precautions And Requirements For Cleaning Process In Steel Castings Production

- Jan 15, 2018-

Considerations and requirements for cleaning steel castings:

The cast steel can not be moved before it is completely solidified, nor is it allowed to ℃ above 600 water. The castings are normally cooled for 2-3 hours after being cleared.

(i) Workflow

Clean casting surface, cavity waste → gas cutting casting gate, riser, burr → again clean casting residual sand → welding casting → grinding castings → quality acceptance

(ii) Operating methods and quality standards

1. Preparation work

According to the requirements to wear good labor supplies, and the work environment for safety confirmation, ready to use the machine equipment and tools, and carefully check to ensure that the machine equipment, tools intact, normal, safe operation and use.

2. Normal operation

(1) The use of pneumatic or water cleaning machine for casting waste sand cleaning.

(2) Casting waste sand clean up, in accordance with the "gas cutting safety technical rules" operation cut gun, cutting casting gate, riser, flying Edge, Burr.

(3) Casting finished, meet the requirements. In accordance with the "Welders safety technical Rules" operation of the welding machine, the castings incomplete parts of welding repair, to ensure that the casting integrity.

(4) Welding completion, composite process requirements. The use of grinding wheel machine to the casting cutting, welding and other parts of the grinding process to ensure that the cutting site and weld repair site smooth and smooth.

(5) Polished finish, carry out acceptance, prepare heat treatment