Molding Properties Of Precision Casting Wax

Molding Properties Of Precision Casting Wax

May 30, 2020

Over the past few years, many units in our country have successfully developed many series of molding materials with high product quality. There are many kinds of WMⅡ series of molding materials, which can provide molding materials for different shell materials, different dewaxing temperatures, and different sizes and shapes, which can be used to replace imported products. WM series of molding materials, more than ten varieties, with an annual output of about 200 tons. The high level of investment casting technology in the United States benefits from three pillars, namely advanced technology, high-quality raw materials and strict and serious operation. For example, the mold material used by the investment casting factory in the United States is a new mold material produced by the mold material factory. The investment casting factory does not recycle the used molding material, and the recovered molding material is sent to a professional molding material production plant for unified processing. Due to the high and uniform quality of the molding materials shipped from the molding material factory, the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the wax mold of the investment casting factory are guaranteed, and the ash and impurities of the wax are also controlled. There are usually professional companies abroad, which gather related technologies and specialize in producing investment casting mold materials. The produced molding material has good stability, low shrinkage, smooth surface, high strength, good formability and produces different performance molding materials for different parts. The types of molding materials produced abroad include filler-filled molding materials and non-filler-filled molding materials, and are subdivided into model waxes, repair waxes, emulsifiable waxes, gate waxes, and embedding wax bonding waxes.

Precision casting wax is a special material for manufacturing part molds in investment precision casting, and is one of the important factors that determine the quality of castings. The varieties of wax for investment casting mainly include low-temperature molding materials, medium-temperature molding materials and high-temperature molding materials. The main molding materials currently used are low-temperature molding materials and medium-temperature molding materials. The molding materials imported from my country are mainly medium temperature molding materials. The performance of the molding compound is determined by its formula, so each manufacturer attaches great importance to the research of the molding compound formula.