Introduction To Mechanical Parts

- Jan 15, 2018-

Research and design a subject of mechanical base parts in various equipment, and also the pan of parts and components. Mechanical parts as a subject of the specific content include: 1, 0 (part) of the joint. such as threaded joints, wedge joints, pin joints, key joints, spline joints, interference fit joints, elastic ring joints, riveting, welding and bonding and so on.

Mechanical Parts

2, transmission movement and energy belt transmission, friction wheel drive, key drive, harmonic drive, gear transmission, rope drive and screw transmission and other mechanical transmission, as well as the shaft, coupling, clutch and brake, and other corresponding shafting 0 (part) pieces. 3, supporting the role of 0 (part) pieces, such as bearings, boxes and chassis and so on. 4 lubrication system and sealing. 5, Spring and other 0 (parts). As a discipline, mechanical parts from the overall mechanical design, the paper studies the principle, structure, characteristics, application, failure form, bearing capacity and design procedure of various basic parts by synthetically using the results of all relevant disciplines, and then establishes the theory, method and criterion of the basic parts of the design, and thus sets up the practical theoretical system of the subject. Become an important foundation of research and design machinery.