Industry Characteristics Of Precision Casting

- Nov 30, 2018-

Among them, investment casting is commonly used, also known as wax-loss casting: the appropriate investment material (such as paraffin) is selected to make the investment mould; refractory coating and sand spraying process are repeated on the investment mould, hardening the shell and drying; then melting the internal investment mould to obtain the cavity; calcining the shell to obtain sufficient strength, and firing. Remaining molten materials, metal materials needed for pouring, solidification and cooling, and sand cleaning after shelling, so as to obtain high-precision products. According to product requirements or heat treatment and cold processing and surface treatment. For example, in sand casting, large-scale factories should create conditions to adopt advanced molding and core-making methods. The production line of the old shock or shock moulding machine is not high enough, the worker's labor intensity is high, the noise is big, and it can't meet the requirement of mass production, so it should be reformed step by step. For small castings, the production line of box-less high-pressure moulding machine with horizontal or vertical parting can be adopted, the production efficiency of solid moulding machine is high and the area of solid moulding is small; for middleware, various production lines of box-type high-pressure moulding machine and air-impact moulding line can be selected to meet the requirements of fast and high-precision moulding production line, and the core-making method can be used. Selection: Cold core box, hot core box, shell core and other efficient core-making methods.

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