How To Prevent Rust In Precision Castings?

- May 30, 2020-

   Our company is a company specializing in providing comprehensive services and products such as casting design, casting production, casting processing, surface treatment, and assembly. Next, we share with you the knowledge of rust prevention of precision castings. Corrosion or discoloration of metals or alloys in the atmosphere due to oxygen, moisture, acid, salt, and humid air is called rust or rust, which can turn a metal surface layer with high strength into a compound with low strength. For this reason, investment castings often require mid-term anti-rust treatment. The anti-rust method is usually to use water agent anti-rust or oil anti-rust. No matter which method is used to prevent rust, the casting must be washed in advance to remove the dirt on the surface and promote the formation of a passivation film. The composition, temperature and use of the scrubbing liquid. After the castings are washed, they should be dried with hot, dry compressed air, and then be treated for rust prevention. We are willing to cooperate closely with you with "preferential price, excellent quality, excellent service". We warmly welcome Chinese and foreign merchants to seek common development and create a win-win situation.