High Quality Molds In Foundry Means High Quality Castings

- Jul 21, 2018-

For foundries, high-quality molds mean high-quality castings, which means lower costs, higher output and profits. At present, the domestic mold industry is developing very fast. There are no fewer than a few aluminum alloy gravity casting mold production plants. With the development of automobile manufacturing industry and the influx of foreign capital, the mold production plants are increasing in scale and technical strength. . With the popularization and application of CNC machining equipment, the processing level of the mold industry has not much difference with foreign countries. Many mold factories also have more advanced testing equipment, but our management level, design concept and business philosophy are still different from those of foreign counterparts. Mold materials and heat treatment enhancement methods are also far behind developed countries. The current situation has practical experience for foundry mold manufacturers, and engineers and technicians who understand both mold manufacturing and casting technology are also lacking, and mold debugging and process verification are a must in the mold production process. Successful molds and proven processes are what many of today's technology-intensive foundries want. The standardization of molds and the application of mold standard parts are the inevitable trend of mold industry development in the future. This is especially true for aluminum alloy gravity castings that start late. Only by implementing mold standardization can we standardize the behavior of mold manufacturers, and it is possible to make mold factories provide high quality and low price standards. At the same time, the standardization of the mold and the application of the standard parts of the mold will make it easier for the foundry to monitor the quality of the mold and also make the maintenance and maintenance of the mold more convenient. The use of mold standard parts, production scale effect will help to change the current multi-variety, small batch, low production efficiency of the mold industry, which is conducive to reducing costs and increasing productivity. In short, the size is accurate, the production efficiency is high, and the ease of use and maintenance is the eternal pursuit of the mold industry and the foundry industry.

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