Gating System For Moulding Process Of Cast Steel Castings

- Jan 15, 2018-

According to the structural characteristics of the casting process requirements, the selection of suitable gating system, usually using the top-injection, bottom-injection.

(1) gating system set Basic principles: gate, riser placement reasonable, size suitable for not hinder casting shrinkage, easy to exhaust, sand and cleaning, should make the mold size as far as possible, simplify modelling operation, save type sand dosage and reduce labor intensity.

(2) Attention to the location of the gate: The inner runner should not be located in the important parts of the casting; the metal liquid flow to the various parts of the cavity of the shortest distance, should not make the metal liquid front impact cast and sand core, the metal liquid should be evenly dispersed, quickly fill the cavity; Do not be in the mold of cold iron and core support.