Developing China's Precision Casting Technology To Maintain Sustainable Development

- Jul 31, 2018-

According to the related reports, the precision casting technology in China has a wide gap in quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection, compared with the developed countries.

The reasons for these disparities are small scale foundry, poor economic strength, backward technology and equipment, low management level and low quality of employees. In order to eliminate these gaps, in order to meet the needs of China's economic construction and to develop the existence and development of the foundry technology industry, China's foundry technology industry should focus on improving the quality of castings and economic benefits, facing the two markets at home and abroad.

We should strengthen management, lay a good foundation for the quality of enterprises, adjust the structure of the foundry technology industry, rationally allocate resources and promote appropriate scale management, and continue to reform the foundry technology industry by applying advanced production technology and technical equipment to realize clean production and ensure sustainable development.