Classification Of Cast Steel

- Jan 15, 2018-

According to the chemical composition of cast steel can be divided into carbon cast steel and alloy cast steel two main categories.

1.Carbon Steel

General, low carbon steel ZG15 has higher melting point and poor casting performance, only used for manufacturing motor parts or carburizing parts; the zg25~zg45 of medium carbon steels, with high strength and excellent plasticity and toughness, is suitable for the manufacture of parts with complex shape, high strength and toughness, such as train wheels, Hammer Rack and anvil, rolls and high-pressure valves, etc., are the most widely used in carbon cast steel; the high carbon ZG55 has a low melting point, and its casting performance is better than that of medium carbon steels, but its plasticity and toughness are poor, only used for making a few wear-resistant parts.

2. Alloy Cast Steel

According to the total number of alloy elements, alloy cast steel can be divided into two low alloy steel and high alloy steel category.

(1) Low alloy cast steel, the main application of manganese, manganese silicon system and chromium series. such as zg40mn, ZG30MNSI1, ZG30CR1MNSI1, etc. Used for manufacturing gears, hydraulic press work cylinders and turbine rotors, and ZG40CR1 are often used to manufacture high-strength gears and high-strength shafts and other important parts.

(2) High alloy cast steel, with wear-resistant, heat-resisting or corrosion-resistant special properties. such as high manganese steel ZGMn13, is a kind of anti-wear steel, mainly used for manufacturing in the dry friction working conditions of the use of parts, such as the excavator's grab front wall and grab teeth, tractors and tanks of the crawler, etc. chromium-nickel stainless steel zg1cr18ni9 and chromium stainless steel zg1cr13 and ZGCr28, the corrosion resistance of nitric acid is very high , mainly used in manufacturing chemical, petroleum, chemical fiber and food equipment parts.