Which states of stainless steel castings are not allowed for welding operation?

- Mar 12, 2018-

There are many occasions where stainless steel castings are used in industry, but because some products do not meet the requirements, welding operations are not allowed. If determined operation, will only lead to artifacts appear quality problem, in order to avoid the problem of serious, for the stainless steel castings can welding conditions to fully grasp, thus to the choice of targeted machining process.

Users to the accuracy requirement of the stainless steel castings are very high, on the premise of do not conform to the requirements is absolutely not welding, such as some places is specified in the drawings can't be welded. There is also the case that the stainless steel castings themselves have quality problems, which cannot be soldered, including leakage of castings. There are honeycomb pores on the surface and so on, which cannot ensure the quality of the castings after welding.

In addition, if a position has been welded, it cannot be welded again, which will affect the quality of stainless steel castings and even its application effect. All of these requirements should be kept in mind and should be handled with care.