Which of the various forming processes of copper casting is the best.

- Mar 12, 2018-

Copper casting is often used as the key components of machinery and equipment, thus naturally on performance requirements are very strict, otherwise the use effect of artifacts and don't have a way to guarantee service life. However, the performance of copper casting is directly related to the forming method of castings. Under the influence of different processes, the performance of copper casting is also different.

In terms of wear resistance, the copper castings obtained by centrifugal casting are the most ideal, while other casting processes can also make the workpiece to be formed, but there are some disadvantages. What we call centrifugal casting is that the copper liquid is poured directly into the spinning centrifugal casting centrifuge, and the workpiece is formed by centrifugal force.

Due process to bring the superiority of the processing mode in the industry more and more widespread attention and application, but in the process there are still many place need to pay attention to, such as the operation of the centrifugal force, this also is one of the conditions to ensure the quality of copper casting.