What materials are needed for lost wax casting? What is the procedure?

- Feb 10, 2019-

Lost wax casting is also called precision casting. Art works are also often cast in this way. Most of the ancient art is this method.

Materials: wax, shell refractory (such as quartz sand, bauxite, etc.), binder (such as water glass, ethyl silicate, silica sol, etc.)

First step, design process

The second step, making the mold

In the third step, wax the mold and remove the wax. The shape of the wax is the shape of the casting after casting

The fourth step is to repair the wax

The fifth step is to group the wax components onto the gating system.

The sixth step is to make the shell. First, put the set of wax pieces into the slurry bucket, apply the slurry, then take it out and put the wax into the sand so that the surface of the wax will be covered with a layer of sand. Dry. After the layer is dried, continue the procedure, usually five to six layers. The last layer only stains the slurry, no sand

The seventh step is dewaxing. In the case of shelling, the surface of the wax is not completely covered by sand, but a part of the top of the nozzle is exposed. At this time, the wax is placed in the apparatus, heated, and the wax is melted and discharged.

The eighth step, pouring. Preheat the shell when pouring.

The ninth step, the vibration shell

Finally, clean up