Technical requirements for precision casting

- Apr 18, 2018-

The adaptation of precision casting method

For example, sand mold precision casting, a large number of factories should create conditions and adopt advanced technology of modeling and core making. The production line of the old type shock type or the shock type molding machine is not high enough, the labor intensity of the workers is big, the noise is big, and it is not suitable for the demand of large quantity of production, it should be gradually reformed. For small castings, the production line of the non box high pressure molding machine with horizontal or vertical type can be used, the production efficiency of the molding machine is high and the floor area is small. For the medium parts, the production lines and the air stamping lines can be selected to meet the requirements of the fast and high precision molding production line, and the core making method can be used. Selection: cold core box, hot core box, shell core and other efficient core making methods.

Medium sized large castings can be modeled with resin bonded sand and core making.

The manual molding is still an important method for the heavy castings produced in a single small batch. Manual molding can be adapted to various complex requirements, and it does not require a lot of technical equipment. Water glass sand mould, VRH method water glass sand mold, organic ester water glass self hard sand mold, clay dry type, resin self hard sand mold and cement sand type can be applied. For the heavy castings produced in single piece, the pit molding method is low cost and fast in production. It is more suitable to use multi box modeling and split box modeling in batch production or long-term production. Although the mold and sand box are starting to invest high, it can be compensated by saving the molding time and improving the quality of the products.

The casting methods such as low pressure casting, die-casting and centrifugal casting are only suitable for mass production because of the high cost of equipments and moulds. The conditional method should be suitable

For example, the same is the production of large machine tool bed and other castings, generally using the core modeling method, not making samples and sand boxes, in the pit core; and the other factories use sand box modeling method, making models. Different enterprise production conditions (including equipment, site, staff quality, etc.), production habits, accumulated experience are different, according to these conditions should consider what products suitable for and not suitable for (or not) to do what products.

Precision requirements and costs

The accuracy of castings obtained by various casting methods is different. Initial investment and productivity are also inconsistent, and the final economic benefits are also different. Therefore, if we want to do more, faster, better and save, we should take into account all aspects. The preliminary cost estimation of the casting method should be made to determine the casting method with high economic benefit and ensuring the casting requirement.

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