Riser setting for moulding process of cast steel castings

- Jan 15, 2018-

1 The basic principle of riser setting: according to the structure and process of the casting, choose the shape, size and position of riser correctly, and reasonably determine the number of riser according to the effective shrinking range of riser;

(2) riser set basic requirements: for uneven wall thickness of castings, a riser must be set at each hot spot, as far as possible at the top or close of the part where the casting is to be reduced; when the casting has a hot section to be filled at different heights, a plurality of riser can be set up, but the filling zone of each riser must be separated The riser should not be set in the part of the casting which is important or under stress, and the inner runner should be used as far as possible through the riser, and the riser should not be set at the casting stress concentration place; The riser is best set on the surface where the castings need to be machined.