Requirements for steel-shot steel grit by blasting machine cleaning workpiece

- Jan 15, 2018-

Shot blasting is mainly used for the surface treatment of metal products such as steel, shot blasting has the following applications:

1. Workpiece coating, workpiece bonding before the treatment of shot blasting to remove the surface of the workpiece rust and other dirt, and on the workpiece surface to establish a very important basic schema (that is, usually called the hair surface), but also through the exchange of different particle size of the abrasive, to different degrees of roughness, greatly improve the workpiece and coating, plating material binding force. or make the adhesive bonding more solid, better quality.

2. Casting and forging face, heat treatment of workpiece cleaning and blasting can clean casting forgings, after heat treatment of the workpiece surface of all dirt (such as oxidation skin, oil and other residues), and the workpiece surface polishing to improve the finish of the workpiece, can make the workpiece exposed uniform metal color, so that the workpiece appearance more beautiful, to beautify the role of decoration.

3. Machining parts burr cleaning and surface beautification shot blasting can clean the workpiece surface micro burr, and make the workpiece surface more flat, eliminate the harm of Burr, improve the grade of the workpiece. And shot shot in the workpiece surface at the junction of a small round angle, so that the workpiece looks more beautiful, more sophisticated.

4. After blasting machine to improve the mechanical properties of the parts after sandblasting, the surface of the parts can produce even fine concave and convex surface (the basic schema), so that lubricants are stored, so as to improve lubrication conditions and reduce noise to improve the service life of machinery.

5. The role of light decoration for some special purpose workpiece, sandblasting can be arbitrary to achieve different reflective or Matt. such as stainless steel workpiece, wooden furniture surface matt, glass surface pattern pattern, as well as the surface of the cloth processing.

Shot blasting machine is suitable for the workpiece with complicated shape and easy to use by hand, it is a common method of metal surface treatment.