Production process of sand with heavy steel

- Jan 15, 2018-

Brief introduction of the sand with heavy steel

With heavy steel sand, with the weight of sand, counterweight iron, with mechanical products to pressure reuse. With heavy steel sand is mainly used in some scrap sand, steel scrap processing and manufacturing.

Application of sand with heavy steel

Mainly used in casting, forging, machinery, metallurgy, heat treatment, steel structure, grid structure, containers, ships, building, bridges, mines and other fields of sand cleaning, derusting, strengthening, forming, elimination of stress and various profiles of surface cleaning and painting, electroplating before the roughness (nap) pretreatment, stone cutting, magnetic ball casting, As the additive of heavy concrete and blast furnace refractory, it is mainly used for the pressure reuse of engineering machinery, ship, bridge and other products.

Production procedure of steel sand with heavy steel

The raw materials of heavy steel sand are high carbon or alloy steel scrap. A process for the direct use of scrap steel to prepare steel sand. The following steps are included:

(1) processing;

(2) The scrap steel which is heated and quenched will be broken into crushing machine to obtain the semi-finished products with heavy metal;

(3) will be equipped with heavy steel sand semi-finished products Screening classification, that is, the production of finished products. The production method of the heavy steel sand of the invention reduces the smelting and blasting process of the scrap material which has to be cast gang pill before the traditional production technology of the heavy metal sand, and saves the production cost greatly.

There is also a production method with heavy steel sand, which is characterized in that the following steps are included:

(1) The scrap steel after heating quenching is broken into a crusher to obtain semi-finished products of steel sand;

(2) will be equipped with heavy steel sand semi-finished screening classification, that is, the finished products with heavy iron sand.