Production method of stainless steel pill

- Jan 15, 2018-

Stainless steel pill is also known as stainless steel shot, not rust cast round steel wire cut pill, stainless steel shot peening, stainless steel wire cut pill, mainly used in stainless steel parts, aluminum alloy die-casting, copper alloy surface shot blasting, sandblasting, shot peening treatment, shot peening molding, finishing, strengthening, Matt, correction, paint, to corrosion. The production method of stainless steel pill can be divided into two categories, the current recognized first type of production method is melting atomization cooling of the cast stainless steel pill, the English name is: Caststainlesssteelshot, the second type of production method is stainless steel wire by cutting, casting round to get stainless steel shot, not rust cast round steel wire shot, Stainless steel shot blasting, using the second type of method of production of stainless steel shot, the English name is: "Conditionedstainlesssteelcutwireshot", literal translation: "Passivation of stainless steel wire cutting pill", wherein the passivation representative will be cylindrical ends and corners cast round; The cut pill is made of cutting. To this end, Germany and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifically developed the corresponding second type of production standards: din8021-4-1985, Saeams2431/4-1996conditionedstainlesssteelcutwireshot, The standard also stipulates that the ball degree of the stainless steel pill after shot shot Passivation is indicated by G1, G2 and G3 respectively.