Methods for repairing common defects of steel castings in cold rolling mill

- Jan 15, 2018-

Cold rolling Mill is the main rolling equipment of cold rolled strip, its frame is mainly made of cast steel, but casting defects are usually occurred in the process of manufacturing steel castings, although the defects should be repaired, however, it is still very learned to fix them.

First of all, the repair method, the use of welding repair methods are mainly manual arc welding, gas shielded or argon arc welding; Secondly, the removal method, mainly for internal defects and surface defects, internal defects using milling machine processing methods, surface defects, for point-dispersed surface defect selection Pistol drill or boring milling machine processing method to remove, For the sand hole is to take the first use of the hole percussion to make it loose, and then polished with alloy grinding head to remove, for the aggregation into a block area, with boring and milling machine to remove. Finally clear clean for welding. After finishing, there are still small defects on the surface which can be welded directly by Argon arc welding and then polished. The common defects of cold rolling frame steel castings can be repaired by the above methods.