Influence of casting condition on precision casting

- Sep 13, 2018-

The shell temperature, molten metal pouring temperature and casting position in the mold can affect the casting size.

According to statistics, when casting temperature changes from 20-900 to 1.5%, the dimension of casting will change to 1.5%. The pouring temperature of molten metal changes the mold and core overheating condition, so that the metal will be blocked in different degrees when cooling, resulting in the size fluctuation of the casting. When the same casting is in different pouring position, the actual temperature of molten metal and the pressure on the casting are not the same, and it is easy to cause the size fluctuation of the casting.

In short, casting conditions have an impact on casting size, and casting conditions should be strictly controlled in production.

In addition, the casting deformation also directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the casting. For high precision castings, the deformation must be strictly controlled. In order to prevent the casting size from exceeding the tolerance, many factors affecting the casting size accuracy should be paid attention to, and the quality and technology of raw materials should be strictly controlled in order to stabilize the casting size.

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