Discussion on wear mechanism of steel pill

- Jan 15, 2018-

The fatigue wear mechanism plays a leading role in the general metal abrasive. The term fatigue refers to a special form of failure caused by repetitive stress, which does not exceed the elastic limit of the material. The fatigue wear of steel balls is caused by the cyclic loading of the surface microstructure. It is characterized by the development of materials in the process of strengthening, while the speed of the process depends mainly on the surrounding media and its role in strengthening.

The standard fatigue process often develops in the incubation period, during which no damage layer occurs on the surface, and the outside of the steel pill is hardened without microscopic damage. When further developed, a hardened slip-shaped layer and a crack are found on the surface of the alloy.

It can be seen from the simple calculation that if the surface of the steel shot falls off on the first interaction, the wear rate is very large. Under the action of external friction, the wear rate to a few orders of magnitude. Logically, in order to make the steel shot off the surface, it is necessary to interact with each other many times, this is the principle of multiple action of wear.

There is no doubt about the development of fatigue process under the condition of multiple plastic deformation, but the direct experimental evidence of the steel pill wear fatigue hypothesis is very limited, but the argument is not convincing. According to their experimental data, there is no linear relationship between the wear resistance and fatigue limit of steel shot metal abrasive abrasion of quenched steel. To improve the fatigue limit of steel pill is not a single value relation to wear resistance, which proves that fatigue limit is not the direct cause of wear consumption of metal abrasive steel balls.