Correlation knowledge of the paint operation process in centrifugal castings.

- Oct 13, 2018-

Careful friends can find that there is a layer of paint on the surface of the centrifugal casting to ensure the best condition of the workpiece. As for the operation process of centrifugal castings, how many people know about it? The following are the basics related to it.

When casting a workpiece, it is necessary to first bake the mold, remove the moisture from it, and prevent the explosion from splashing by increasing the mold temperature. Baking can be done by means of a blowtorch or a red iron block, and this is also a preparation for the drying of the paint.

The next step is to clean the mold, push the asbestos pad, lock the front end cover, and place the spout. The paint is poured into the mold by the paint tube, and the paint can be poured after the paint is dried into a shell, but it should be noted that the paint tube is easy to collide with the rotating front end cover and an accident occurs, so that the paint tube is taken out at the same time. Drive the machine to rotate to ensure safety.

After the casting is completed, in order to obtain a refined grain structure, water spray cooling may be suitably performed, but attention should be paid to temperature and time control to avoid affecting the thickness of the paint.