Comprehensive analysis of molten mold casting

- Apr 18, 2018-

The mold casting is usually coated with several layers of refractory material on the surface of the wax mold. After it is hardened and dried, the mold is fused to make the shell, then roasted, and then poured, and a method of obtaining the castings is obtained. Because the obtained castings have high dimensional precision and surface finish, they are also called "precision casting". This article mainly from the investment casting manufacturing mode, advantages and development process to make an overall analysis.

The first process in the production of molten mould casting is to make the molten mould, which is used to form a model of the medium cavity of the refractory shell, so in order to obtain the castings with high dimensional precision and high surface finish, the mold itself should have high dimensional precision and surface finish. Besides, the performance of the mold itself should also make it possible to make the subsequent process of making shell and other processes simple and easy. In order to get the high quality requirements of the investment moulds, we must choose the appropriate mould material and reasonable die making process besides the good compression form.

The mold making material should be able to ensure that the mold with high precision, high surface finish, good strength and light weight should be easily made, and it should also create conditions for the manufacture of the shell and the good casting. Mold materials are usually made of wax, natural resins and plastics.

The advantages of molten casting are mainly embodied in two aspects:

1. because the mold casting has a very high dimensional precision and surface finish, it can reduce the machining work. Only a little machining allowance is required on the parts of the parts. Even some castings only leave the grinding and polishing allowance, so it can be used without mechanical processing. It can be seen that investment casting method can save machine tools and processing hours, and save metal raw materials greatly.

2., investment casting can cast complex castings of various alloys, especially for casting superalloy castings. The investment casting process can not only achieve mass production, ensure the consistency of the casting, but also avoid the stress concentration of residual grain after machining.

The development course of melt mold casting:

Since 1940s, investment casting has been developed for industrial production and has been developing at a fast speed in the past half century. In 1996, North America accounted for 50%, 25% in Europe, 20% in Asia, 5% in Asia, 95% in North America, 42% in Europe, 26% in France, 19% in Germany, 7% in Italy, and 6% in the rest of the world. Now, it is applied to all industrial sectors, especially in electronic, petroleum, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, pumps and valves. Because investment casting has special advantages in industrial production, so the development of investment casting is fast.

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