Analyze the various advantages of the cast-in cylinder liner centrifugal casting machine.

- May 31, 2020-

With the deepening of people's environmental awareness, the requirements for casting machines are getting higher and higher, but this also promotes the new market development space of this industry. The development trend of equipment is toward energy saving, environmental protection and safety.

      Although the technology of the centrifugal casting machine is perfect, the equipment has an advanced paint formulation process, its viscosity and Baume degree are guaranteed, and it can form a clear burr peak and valley as-cast texture; for spraying mechanism and special nozzle structure With careful design, the casting machine not only guarantees the spraying pressure, but also the spraying time.

      Not only that, the equipment can also produce a perfect match between the pouring speed and the centrifugal speed; the mechanical pipe mold temperature measurement device, pipe mold cooling and heating system also ensure that the automatic cycle detection of the pipe mold temperature and working temperature is constant.

      However, it is not easy to control the as-cast textures of peak height and peak-valley, which uses a cast-in cylinder liner centrifugal casting machine. With this casting machine, the outer surface can be cast directly using the hot mold method.

      The peak height and valley depth of the uniformly distributed burr after casting by this method, the surface convexity and concavity is relatively clear and complete, after casting into the body, it will increase the binding force and contact surface of the cylinder liner and the cast aluminum engine block, and increase the heat dissipation of the cylinder liner The area, thereby improving the wear resistance of the inner surface of the cylinder liner and increasing the service life of the equipment.