A Brief Summary of Casting

- Mar 18, 2019-

Casting is a method of plastic processing. In the early stage of casting, liquid monomers or prepolymers (see polymers) were injected into the mould at atmospheric pressure, then solidified and formed into products with the same shape as the inner cavity of the mould. In the early 20th century, phenolic resin was first formed by casting.

In the mid-1930s, PMMA was cast from the prepolymer of methyl methacrylate (see polymethyl methacrylate). During the Second World War, unsaturated polyester castings were developed, followed by epoxy resin castings, and nylon monomer casting appeared in the 1960s (see polyamide). With the development of moulding technology, the traditional concept of casting has changed. Polymer solution, dispersion (referring to PVC paste) and melt can also be used in moulding. Polypropylene film is prepared by extruding melted flat film on extruder and casting on cooling drum. It is called extrusion-casting method.

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